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1) The system can be used over the Internet with a centralized database for multi locations.
2) Multi location sales, purchasing and stock control to the serial number level.
3) Serial numbers are fully under control in both purchasing and sales. PowerDrive supports barcode scanners to scan both barcode of product type and serial numbers. If you scan a serial number in purchasing, you can scan it in sales directly without worry about barcode of product type.
4) Very detailed price system for wholesalers. You can enable contract price for a customer. Contract price can be got based on the rate assigned by preset price group or the rate you set or from setting for a particular customer and product item.
5) When you add a new item in sales, a window with contract price and base price can be up. In that window, contract price is red if contract price is different from base price, contract price is blue if contract price is the same as base price but contract price is already set, contract price is black if contract price is the same as base price but contract price is never set.
6) When you do sales, if the customer you choose is contract price enabled and you change sales price, the system will ask you if you want to save the change for later use. If you answer yes, the price will be saved as contract price.
7) The transaction log of on hand, cost and serial number status has been recorded in the system.
8) You can record every activity with customers in Autoidea PowerDrive. You can set recurrence for an activity, If recurrence is not once off, the scheduled activity will be created automatically after you complete the current activity. You should follow that scheduled activity. You can search Scheduled But Not Followed Activities.
9) You can send mass emails with duplicated email address check from Autoidea PowerDrive via Gmail, MSN Mail or Yahoo Mail.
10) You can send mass SMS messages with duplicated mobile number check from Autoidea PowerDrive via Clickatell.
11) Very powerful report system. In the report system, reports and relevant criteria can be extended. Extra reports are always available without extra charge.
12) Cities and postcodes are already saved in PowerDrive for USA, UK (except Northern Ireland), Canada, Australia, New Zealand and China. You don't need to figure out the spelling of a city or match a postcode.
13) Everything is saved immediately and automatically in PowerDrive. You don't need to worry if it's saved. Even after the program is terminated abnormally in the middle of data entry, normally, the data is still there.
14) PowerDrive can be used in multi location environment with accurate user access rights control. If a user cannot access a particular menu item or toolbar button, this menu item or toolbar button will be invisible for the user. Furthermore, any elements in any screens can be controlled in many ways, e.g., visible, enabled, read only, size and position.
15) The database engine in PowerDrive is very fast, easily handling millions of records.
16) We choose OSCommerce as our E-Commerce. You can have a look what it looks like in Download, Order & Contact.
17) You can upload all product information including pictures from Autoidea PowerDrive to the Web.
18) You can download all order data to Autoidea PowerDrive and merge online order data with offline sales data. That way makes you can view all sales including offline sales and online sales in Autoidea PowerDrive.
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