Autoidea PowerDrive - Customizable POS for Apparel Retailers
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Autoidea PowerDrive for Apparel Retailers is designed specifically for Apparel Retailers only.
The system can be used over the Internet with a centralized database for multi-chain retailers.
It's very easy to add & change a style, view stock and buy stock based on style matrix with colour & size.
Autoidea PowerDrive is fully integrated with barcode scanners, cash drawers, docket printers, touch screens, E-Commerce (optinal) and even security cameras.
Autoidea PowerDrive covers Sales, Inventory, Purchasing, Receivable, Payable, Payroll, CRM (optinal) and E-Commerce Integration (optinal). It can be used in multi-store environment with accurate user access rights control.
The database engine in PowerDrive is very fast. It can easily handle millions of records.
If you have any further special requirements, Autoidea PowerDrive can be deeply customized. PowerDrive can follow your business requirements rather than requires your business to change for the software system.
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