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Download & Setup
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Color and Size Template for Apparel Industry
Quick Start From Purchases
Add a Vendor in Purchases
Add a Product Item in Purchases
Add a Style in Purchases for Apparel Industry
Print Barcode
Search Purchases
Go to Sales
Add a Customer in Sales
Add a Product Item in Sales
Multiple Selections for Product Items
Go to Touch Sales
Add a Product Item in Touch Sales
Change Price in Sales for Wholesalers
Change Sales Price from Group Price for Wholesalers
Sales Price History for a Customer
Contract Sales for Mobile Phone Retailers
Repair Service for Mobile Phone Repairers
Upfront Payment in Sales
Search Sales
Search Sales with Sales Details
Credit a Sales Invoice
Customer Payments
Go to Customer Payments
Add Sales Invoices in a Customer Payment
Search Customer Payments
Vendor Payments
Go to Vendor Payments
Add Purchases Invoices to a Vendor Payment
Search Vendor Payments
Receivable and Payment for a Customer
Contract Price in Customers for Wholesalers
Goods & Services
Contract Price in Goods & Services for Wholesalers
Group Price in Goods & Services for Wholesalers
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Sales Analysis
Purchases Analysis
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